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Human Resource Strategy

Under the objective of turning ICBC into a global leading bank with the best profitability, performance and prestige and in accordance with the corporate philosophy of focusing on the primary elements of our people, ICBC executes a strategy of "A Bank of Best Talent" to build a workplace for all staff to work and grow with the Bank. Main points about the uniqueness of ICBC human resources management are:

(I) A multi-channel scheme for staff to advance their career. Ensure professional fulfillment and promotion mechanism by offering a supportive and respective workplace with a scheme of 21 job position levels under 5 categories of management, sales, profession, operation and customer services.

(II) Group-wise, market-oriented, diversified system on the management of talented officials. Build a unified and open platform to screen and appoint talented officials on the basis of democratic decision and open competition, and a mechanism to source the best staff from the market to fill in many of the top positions in the Group and facilitates their advancement.

(III) A target-oriented, performance-based mechanism to evaluate the performance of staff. Personal performance contract, targeted evaluation management, evaluation of staff performance as a function of behavior and ability are some of the tools and concepts deployed to build a comprehensive performance evaluation and management process. Employees are encouraged to excel and contribute, and rise in career standing as far as skill and ability would permit.

(IV) A mechanism for distributing salaries based on job value and performance contribution. Align the staff compensation with business performance by setting up a salary distribution mechanism with job values as the core, referencing their competence and job performance, that is, "Salary based on the position", "Compensation consistent with the ability", "Bonus depends on the performance" and "Salary refers to the market standard".

(V) A staff benefit scheme that combines State statutory benefits and ICBC's benefits. Set a multi-dimensional, multi-level staff benefit scheme to keep the employees working for ICBC, which includes State statutory benefits supplemented by ICBC's staff benefits such as corporate annuity, supplementary medical insurance and employee aid program.