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Financial Information
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Financial Highlights for 2021

Profitability (%) 1H2022 1H2021 Change
Return on average total assets(1) 0.93* 0.96* -0.03*
Return on weighted average equity(2) 11.25* 11.90* -0.65* 
Cost-to-income ratio(3) 22.14 21.19 0.95


Asset Quality(%) 2022.6.30 2021.12.31 Change
NPLs ratio(4) 1.41 1.42 -0.01
Allowance to NPLs(5) 207.03 205.84 1.19


Capital Adequacy(%) 2022.6.30 2021.12.31 Change
Core Tier 1 Capital Adequacy Ratio(6) 13.29 13.31 -0.02
Capital Adequacy Ratio(6) 18.31 18.02 0.29

Note: *are annualized rates
(1)Calculated by dividing net profit by the average balance of total assets at the beginning and at the end of the reporting period.
(2) Calculated in accordance with the Rules for the Compilation and Submission of Information Disclosure by Companies that Offer Securities to the Public No. 9 — Calculation and Disclosure of Return on Net Assets and Earnings per Share (Revision 2010) issued by CSRC.
(3) Calculated by dividing operating expenses (less taxes and surcharges) by operating income.
(4) Calculated by dividing the balance of NPLs by total balance of loans and advances to customers.
(5) Calculated by dividing allowance for impairment losses on loans by total balance of NPLs.
(6) Calculated in accordance with the Regulation Governing Capital of Commercial Banks (Provisional).