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Training Development

Success can be achieved only by many a talented people. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has always attached great importance to talent training. It built ICBC College, a corporate college for the new era, by integrating the Group’s learning channels, methods and contents to serve as a big platform for learning, knowledge sharing and ideological innovation of more than 400,000 employees in 17,000 ICBC institutions worldwide, with a view to continuously output innovative thoughts, interdisciplinary talents and ICBC wisdom to boost the sustainable development of the bank.

As a corporate college of the financial institution under the central government, ICBC college has always given top priority to fulfilling its mission and responsibilities as a large-sized state-owned bank. Adhering to the principles of “opening-up, diversification, integration and win-win”, the bank established internally a learning-oriented organization to cultivate talents and invigorate ICBC’s undertaking, and built externally an intelligent platform to boost the national economy and the people’s livelihood and fulfill its social responsibilities.

To follow the fundamental principle of serving strategies and cultivating employees, ICBC College has facilitated the Group’s strategies and employee career growth, making overall arrangements for position adaptability training for all employees and the training for key personnel in the key areas, promoting the training for local employees, cross-border talents and customers in a coordinated manner. It also established a three-dimensional training system, rooted at development and covering all positions at all levels and the whole career cycle, to precisely boost business development and cultivate high-quality talents.

With a tangible, boundless, efficient and empowering personnel cultivation pattern, ICBC College, with more than 40 physical campuses across China, has also built a convenient and efficient online learning platform, as well as a qualification certification mechanism to encourage various types of employees at all levels to keep growing. A training support system (such as practical program, text book, case, course and trainer) and an innovative learning mechanism featuring “smart, personalized and social networking community”, are set up to create a sound ecosystem for all employees to enjoy learning, and a community for knowledge sharing.

Bearing the responsibilities of serving the society and improving people’s livelihood, ICBC College, actively catering to national policies and people’s demand, carried out a series of “training +” programs for senior executives of private enterprises, micro and small enterprises and private banking customers through smart learning, such as accompanying learning and public-welfare live video streaming. “Macau Young Financial Talent Cultivation Academy” has been established to promote the development of corporate-education integration enterprises and provide ICBC schemes to serve the real economy, national economy and people’s livelihood.

Focused on the future development of integration and co-building, ICBC College, by centering on the state’s regional development strategy, will build regional academies, such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Future Academy and Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology Innovation Academy. Focusing on the key areas of financial development, it will specially build colleges on inclusive finance and risk management. To serve the society, distinctive academies including Xingchen Academy and Xinghuo School, will be built for school teachers and students. Leveraging on the advantages arising from global presence, it will extensively cooperate with well-known universities at home and abroad on scientific research on training, social service and cultural exchange, to gather and incubate core forces leading future development.