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ICBC Takes 12 Measures to Curb the Spread of the New Coronavirus
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Industrial and Commercial Bank of China convened a special meeting on January 28th, to make all-out efforts to stop the spread of the new coronavirus and safeguard the health of its employees and customers. On top of previous arrangement, the bank would take additional 12 measures:

1. No fees are charged for any donations and special epidemic-prevention funds made by any organizations and individuals to the accounts or special accounts of epidemic-stricken area of such charities as the Red Cross Society of China;

2. Online services are underpinned. The small-sum payment quota limitation of ICBC’s Internet banking and mobile banking are all canceled to meet customers’ demands for quick remittance and transfer around-the-clock. No fees are charged for any remittance and transfer via ICBC Personal Mobile Banking.

3. To meet the reasonable financing demands of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment manufacturers, medical institutions, constructors of public health utilities and infrastructure, and scientific research organizations etc., ICBC specially opens a green channel and takes such measures as special service plan, credit line arrangement, prime rates, and so on.

4. Support to small and micro enterprises (SME) is reinforced. Credit to SMEs meeting relevant requirements can be approved promptly. Financing services to drug stores’ Health Insurance Credit are strengthened nationwide to ensure loan renewal of the SMEs battling against the epidemic. Special prime rates are offered to the SMEs, individual businesses, as well as drug stores under the health insurance credit in Hubei Province.

5. Green channel is set up for financial services to guarantee cash allocation of epidemic-prevention organizations, and improve the efficiency of emergency cash withdrawal, funds transfer, account treatment, etc.. Special arrangements are made to the business related to epidemic prevention and control. Special appointment and special financial services are also provided in this special period.

6. Service security is strengthened for medical staff working in the battle against the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Any medical practitioners and health care workers participating in epidemic prevention and control, as well as patients with confirmed and suspected 2019-nCoV and their spouses, are exempted from ICBC’s defaulter list for any overdue personal loan and credit card repayment throughout the duration of the epidemic;

7. A RMB1 million personal insurance will be provided free of charge by ICBC-AXA Life to each health care worker fighting in the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei. Additional RMB300 will be given daily to each of them during the hospital treatment, if they were unfortunately infected with 2019-nCoV;

8. Insurance claims related to the epidemic prevention and control are built up. Special treatment will be taken by ICBC-AXA Life to the customers infected with the 2019-nCoV. Restrictions are canceled on hospital level and co-pays in insurance contracts. Costs not covered by insurance will be undertaken by the company. Claims will be accepted online and offline around the clock by ICBC-AXA Life’s hotline 95359, WeChat official account, Man-e-Bao APP, etc.. No paper documents need to be submitted to ensure full electronization of claim treatment;

9. Special offers are given by ICBC Leasing to medical and pharmaceutical equipment leasing related to epidemic prevention and control. The first-year rent will be exempted for leasing state-of-the-art large medical equipment;

10. Business premises and service equipment are cleaned and sterilized every day to ensure the safety and health of every employee and customer. Necessary protective equipment and medical supplies are equipped in bank outlets to offer free sterilization to any customer and personnel in need. Sufficient cash provision is guaranteed in outlets and self-service equipment, where cash will only be withdrawn after being sterilized;

11. Knowledge on epidemic prevention and control is disseminated online and offline. The Bank advises customers to use mobile banking and e-banking, thus cutting the flow of people and the risks of cross infection. Outlets inquiry and appointment can be made via WeChat official account of ICBC and ICBC Service, mobile banking APP, and so on;

12. Security of financial services are enhanced in this special period to ward off frauds. By means of skill training, financial knowledge publicity, account safety lock, etc., ICBC is committed to keep its offices and premises safe, and ensure financial service running in a smooth and orderly way.

(中国工商银行 2020-02-28)