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  ESG Information
【Green Finance】ICBC Wins “Trustworthy Green Finance Institution”(2022-08-11)
【Quality Financial Services/Green Finance】ICBC Attends BRICS Energy Cooperation Forum as the Chair Organization of BRICS Business Council Chinese Chapter(2022-07-04)
【Investor relations management】ICBC Adheres to Adopting Prudent and Appropriate Cash Dividend Policies to Return Long-term Value Investors(2022-06-28)
【Corporate Governance】ICBC Ranked First Among “Top 100 Chinese Banks” for the Seventh Consecutive Year(2022-06-27)
【Green Finance】ICBC Issues First Domestic Carbon Neutrality-related Green Financial Bonds(2022-06-24)
【Green Finance】ICBC Issues Multi-currency “Carbon Neutrality” Themed Overseas Green Bonds(2022-06-22)
【Green Finance】ICBC Issues the First Green and Low Carbon Co-branded Credit Card(2022-05-31)
【Investor relations management】ICBC Wins Quanjing Gold Awards for Investor Relations(2022-05-30)
【Green Operation】ICBC Advances the Construction and Operation of Green Data Center and Steps up Efforts to Promote Green Digital Infrastructure(2022-05-30)
【Investor relations management】ICBC Wins an Investor Relations “Pegasus Award” for Chinese Listed Companies(2022-05-05)
【Green Finance】ICBC Wins the First Place in the 2020 Evaluation of Green Banks(2022-04-21)
【Corporate Governance】ICBC Wins the “Best Bank in China” for the 15th Time(2022-04-13)