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ICBC Continues to Improve Fund Investment Customer Service

With the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission recently, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China became one of the first commercial banks obtaining the qualification for pilot implementation of the public offered mutual fund investment consulting business.

Fund investment consulting business can be interpreted as buyer’s agent for clients. In this respect, ICBC, by taking its advantages into full play, is capable of building a reasonable fund investment portfolio in accordance with customers’ demands and appetite, and recommending the right entry point to help clients evade difficulties in selecting funds, selling losers and buying winners, and so on. In this process, the bank not only assists clients in sharing the benefits of economic growth, but also improves its customer service.

In recent years, ICBC has launched CSI ICBC Wealth Fund Index and AI Investment service successively, accumulating rich experiences in fund portfolio service, indexed investment, and intelligent investment consulting. So far, the balance of ICBC AI Index has amounted to RMB10.5 billion, becoming the largest FOF fund and actively managed index fund in the market, with the total balance of its AI Investment family reaching RMB15 billion.