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1. When was Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited incorporated?
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was established on January 1, 1984. On October 28, 2005, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was restructured from a wholly state-owned commercial bank to a joint stock limited company and was renamed to INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA LIMITED (ICBC).

2. When was ICBC listed?
ICBC was simultaneously listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and Shanghai Stock Exchange on October 27, 2006.

3. Where is the ICBC's stock traded? What is the stock code?
ICBC H-share is traded on Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited with the stock code of 1398.
ICBC A-share is trade on Shanghai Stock Exchange with the stock code of 601398.

4. Who is the share registrar of ICBC?
The H share registrar and transfer office is Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited.
The A share registrar is Shanghai Securities Central Clearing and Registration Corporation Limited.

5. What accounting standards does ICBC adopt?
ICBC applies PRC GAAP in our daily business operation. However, since we are listed in Hong Kong, ICBC also adopts IFRS disclosure of financial information.

6. Who are ICBC's controlling shareholders?
ICBC's controlling shareholders are the Ministry of Finance PRC and Central Huijin Investment Company.

7.Who are controlled subsidiaries and major equity participating company of ICBC?
ICBC's wholly-owned overseas subsidiaries are ICBC (Asia), ICBC International, ICBC(Macau), ICBC (Malaysia), ICBC (Indonesia), ICBC (Thai), ICBC (Almaty), ICBC (New Zealand), ICBC (London), ICBC Standard Bank, ICBC (Europe), ICBC (Moscow), ICBC(Turkey), ICBC(Austria), ICBC(Canada), ICBC(Financial Services), ICBC(USA), ICBC(Mexico), ICBC(Brasil), ICBC(Peru), ICBC(Argentina).
ICBC's wholly-owned domestic subsidiaries are ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management, ICBC Leasing, ICBC(AXA), ICBC Financial Asset Investment, ICBC Wealth Management, ICBC Technology, Chongqing Bishan ICBC Rural Bank and Zhejiang Pinghu ICBC Rural Bank.
ICBC's major equity participation company is Standard Bank.