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Board of Directors

Currently, the Bank has 16 directors in total, including 1 chairman and 6 independent directors. The board of directors appoints 1 secretary to the board of directors. The board of directors of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is responsible to the Shareholders' General Meeting, bears the responsibilities of executing resolutions made by the Shareholders' General Meeting, and formulates the Bank' s business plans, development strategies and other matters authorized by the Shareholders' General Meeting.


Name Position Resume
Jiang Jianqing Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Director
Yi Huiman Vice Chairman, Executive Director, President
Zhang Hongli Executive Director, Senior Executive Vice President
Wang Xiquan Executive Director, Senior Executive Vice President
Wang Xiaoya Non-executive director
Ge Rongrong Non-executive director
Fu Zhongjun Non-executive director
Zheng Fuqing Non-executive director
Fei Zhoulin Non-executive director
Cheng Fengchao Non-executive director
Malcolm Christopher McCarthy Independent Non-executive Director
Kenneth Patrick Chung Independent Non-executive Director
OR, Ching Fai Independent Non-executive Director
Hong Yongmiao Independent Non-executive Director
Yi Xiqun Independent Non-executive Director
Anthony Francis NEOH Independent Non-executive Director

Secretary to the Board of Directors:

Name Position Resume
Hu Hao Board Secretary

Where there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of the Bank's corporate governance documents, the Chinese version shall prevail. Please refer to the Chinese version where the English version is not available.