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   Investment Highlights
 Our Strategic Goals | Our Advantages | Our Achievements 

Our Advantages

Serving our founding mission by leading profit level
▶ In 2017, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (“ICBC”) realized a profit before provision of RMB492.4 billion (USD75.4 billion equivalent), increasing 9.1% year on year.
▶ Return on average total assets and return on weighted average equity were 1.14% and 14.35% respectively, performing at a higher level within the global banking sector.
▶ ICBC actively served the development of the real economy, and supported the transforming and upgrading of the real economy and the supply-side structural reform, as well as the development of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” and small and micro enterprises. ICBC regards service as the very foundation to seek further development and has made efforts to build a “bank of the first choice of customers”.

Sound and stable development via effective risk control
▶ ICBC improved its full-chain, full-type and full-coverage risk management system, upgraded risk management technologies and methods, enhanced risk pre-judgment and dynamic adjustment capabilities, strictly controlled the gatekeeping of cross risks, never overstepped the redline in cross-market innovation and the bottom line of compliance.
▶ ICBC strengthened the governance of important areas and key links, perfected the management of case prevention mechanisms and bolstered the development of information audit and cloud internal control.
▶ Non-performing loans (“NPL”) ratio fell by 7 basis points from last year to 1.55%, while allowance to NPL rose by 1,738 basis points to 154.07%. The capital adequacy ratio calculated of ICBC stood at 15.14%.

Leading growth driven by diversified sources
▶ ICBC implemented the initiative of serving the broadest customer base. The amount of customers’ deposits increased by RMB1.40 trillion (USD214.3 billion equivalent), representing an increase of 7.9% year on year, being the top one among its peers in terms of increase in value and percentage rate. The mega retail strategy continued to grow, contributing more than 40% of the business operations.
▶ The contribution to the operating income of ICBC by mega asset management and mega investment banking continued to grow. ICBC was ranked first by number of merger and acquisition deals in the Asia-Pacific region for four consecutive years.
▶ ICBC focused on implementing the e-ICBC 3.0 strategy in the building of a “Smart Bank”. It upgraded and improved the overall architecture of internet-based finance covering and penetrating financial services, e-commerce, payment and social life, developing a smart, open, shared, efficient and compatible new-generation smart banking information system.
▶ ICBC pushed forward its strategies for major cities and continuously enhanced its competitiveness in core markets and established its competitive edge in these cities and markets. ICBC maintained its leading position among its peers in China in terms of major indicators of competiveness, such as customers’ deposits, lending, income from fee-based business and profit before provisions.

Worldwide reputation gained in the pursuit of excellence
▶ ICBC was ranked the 1st place among the Top 1000 World Banks by The Banker, ranked 1st place in the Global 2000 listed by Forbes and topped the sub-list of commercial banks of the Global 500 in Fortune for the fifth consecutive year, and took the 1st place among the Top 500 Banking Brands by Brand Finance for the second consecutive year.
▶ ICBC used its earnest efforts to serve as a premier corporate citizen, continuously perfected the corporate governance framework and operation mechanisms of the group, actively fulfilled its social responsibilities and demonstrated the responsibilities as a big bank in environment, social and governance. ICBC gained wide recognition and has been awarded with numerous awards such as the “Top 10 Chinese Listed Company”, “The Best Corporate Governance Award of China Listed Companies” and “Best Social Responsibility Financial Institution Award”.
▶ ICBC adhered to the principle of “Integrity Leads to Prosperity”. It provided premier financial services dedicatedly to 6.271 million corporate customers and 567 million personal customers.

Note: Currency conversion of relevant amounts was converted using USD1 = RMB6.5342, being the exchange rate prevailing at the end of 2017.