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Right Statement

Copyright Statement:
1. Unless otherwise specified, the copyright of all contents of this website including its structure, web page design, characters, image and other information, etc. is owned by ICBC. Any other persons or parties shall not copy or illegally use them in the form of mirror image or by other means in the servers not affiliated to the website of ICBC.

2. For the software or document in this website whose copyright belongs to ICBC and are provided for clients' download, they can only be downloaded or used by any persons or parties in the manner allowed by this website, instead of copy or use of them for other commercial purposes beyond approved scope.
For the software or documents whose copyright does not belong to ICBC but download addresses are provided in this website, the relevant link provided by this website is only used for the convenience of your use, and users should observe the use clauses specified by relevant owners during their use of such software or documents.

3. The copyrights of the contents and images, etc. independently designed, composed and made by this website belong to ICBC, so the reprint or use of them by other means by other persons or parties are subject to obtaining the written approval of ICBC, and to indicating source and the mark that their copyrights belong to ICBC during use of them.

4. For any behavior violating relevant laws and regulations of the country, not respecting the statement of this website, and using the contents of this website without authorization under the condition of not obtaining prior consent of this website and of not indicating their source, ICBC will reserve the right to take legal measures and investigate and affix their responsibilities.

Statement for Right of Trade Mark:
1. It is particularly pointed out by ICBC that "ICBC", its I-shaped LOGO and any other characters, figures and other visible marks used for indicating ICBC, internet banking and other businesses of ICBC belong to the commercial marks owned b ICBC.

2. ICBC enjoys the rights and interests of commercial identification upon the above marks and be under legal protection. Without prior authorization, any other persons or parties shall not modify, copy or use by other mean the above commercial marks s.

3. Any behaviors with attempt to weaken or uglify the above marks shall be illegal, and ICBC will reserve the right to investigate and affix their legal responsibilities.

Reprint Statement:
1. Partial contents of this website are provided by other organizations, institutions and individuals, so the copyrights of these contents belong to relevant providers.

2. The contents quoted, extracted and reprinted from any third party by this website are only used for exchange or reference by visitors, and the points of view or information hereof have noting to do with ICBC.

3. Extracting or reprinting these contents by this website are strictly carried out in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and principles established according to judicial interpretation concerning network copyright of our country. If anybody finds the infringement matters of any articles during his/her browse of this website, please immediately inform our network manager. If they belong to infringement information, this website will immediately delete them within the scope of official duty.