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Privacy and Confidentiality Statement
1. ICBC will only collect the personal data to be deemed as relevant by ICBC and be helpful for understanding your needs of financing, so as to promote the business operation of ICBC.

2. ICBC may probably transfer your personal data to the member organizations of ICBC, but the transfer is subject to the scope of law.
ICBC may probably offer your information concerned to the partners who jointly provide relevant business with ICBC, and the partners shall still keep secret of your information concerned.
According to legal regulations, in case that judicial authority, supervisory authority and other relevant authorities have such requests, ICBC may probably offer your information concerned.

3. The collection of your information concerned by ICBC aims to offer you better product and service. ICBC will apply the collected information in guaranteeing your fund safety, understanding your financing demands and development of various businesses.

4. Strict security system is available in ICBC. Any unauthorized personnel have no access to your information, so as to prevent your personal data from being obtained by any unauthorized person (including the personnel of ICBC).

5. ICBC will endeavor to guarantee the completeness and accuracy of your information, and make it convenient for your change of any information.

6. Your registration in ICBC will be deemed as your consent to allow ICBC and our partners to send the e-mail related to the financial service of ICBC into the mail box filled in by you during your registration.