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ICBC IPO Snaps Twenty International Awards

Having taken the top place with a Tier-1 capital of RMB 462.019 billion in the UK magazine The Banker's "Top 100 Chinese Banks List" which closes for the second year just recently, ICBC did not disappoint the judges by having its IPO exuberance conferred as the "Deal of the Year 2007, Global Winner" from The Banker. So far, 20 Awards from renowned media and institutions all round the world have been presented to ICBC IPO.

ICBC IPO accumulates an impressive 20 Awards from 11 global well-known media and institutions (namely The Banker (UK), Euromoney, IFR, and IFR Asia, Global Finance, Finance Asia, Asiamoney, CFO, The Asset, Asia Legal Business and AIA) since its amazing success last year, including “Deal of the Year-Global Winner”, “China's Deal of the Year”, “Best IPO”, “Best Equity Deal”, “Best Privatization” and “Best Favored Listed Company”.

Results from the polls by the above international media and institutions reveal several main reasons why ICBC IPO is considered to be the best. Firstly, ICBC IPO marked the milestone in being the first to be listed in both HK and Shanghai at the same time. Secondly, ICBC IPO overcame all the regulatory hurdles and technical complexities in order to be successfully listed in two different markets. Thirdly, the largest capital raised and the USD 500 billion market demand attracted ever in the world by ICBC IPO. Fourthly, ICBC IPO reinforced China's position in the world capital market. Finally, ICBC financial restructuring and its IPO success showed the determination of Chinese Government to reform its banking system.

In the opinion of the UK magazine The Banker, ICBC’s successful floatation in the capital markets of HK and Shanghai is a milestone of China’s banking reform. ICBC wrote the first chapter in having H-Share and A-Share to be listed simultaneously. Complexity of the deal lies in the rules, underwriting schedule and requirements which are different in HK and Shanghai. ICBC IPO raised a capital as high as USD 22 billion, the largest one both in the world ever since and in H-Share and A-Share market as well.

Euromoney states that it will not hesitate in citing ICBC IPO as the deal to represent the strength of world capital market in 2006, since the challenges that ICBC IPO has to face are grossly different from all others.

Finance Asia includes in its speech during the award ceremony that the winning of ICBC IPO not only because it is the world largest IPO – it broke the highest record of USD 18.4 billion created by Japan NTT in 1998, but because that ICBC has attracted an unprecedented market demand of USD 500 billion across the globe. ICBC got a higher valuation than the last two listed state-owned commercial banks. It overcame all the barriers from different supervision rules and became the first project successfully listed in both HK and Mainland China. ICBC spent only 7 months from identifying main underwriter to being listed finally. This is a remarkable achievement judging from a bank with 18,000 branches.

The Assets, in its accompanying speech while presenting its highest Award to ICBC, states that ICBC IPO creates not only the largest IPO in the world history but also a number of 'first'’ and innovations in its system. More important, its international peers and investors were deeply impressed by the many years of reform and restructuring that ICBC started before its floatation.

Other media also give their full recognition to ICBC IPO in their speeches when presenting to the winners. IFR believes ICBC IPO opens the way for simultaneous listing in A+H markets. Asiamoney is impressed by the efficiency of ICBC IPO. The magazine CFO states that ICBC floatation is a typical success which reinforces China's position in the world capital market.

ICBC is listed simultaneously in both Shanghai and HK on October 27, 2006 raising a capital of USD 22 billion, which is a new world record. ICBC IPO is also the winner of many world titles. Being a company both listed in A-Share and H-Share, ICBC’s success in its floatation is leading the way for blue-chips companies listed overseas to head back to A-Share market. ICBC shares have performed stably since listed. Its enormous market capitalization and its role in reflecting China’s economic growth is now the composite stock of MSCI index, FTSE index, Shanghai 180, Shanghai 50, Shanghai-Shenzhen 300, China 100 and small-cap index and included in the Hang Seng composite stock. ICBC shares are luring investors at home and abroad.

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Awards Given to ICBC IPO

Journal, Media

Awards Given to ICBC

The Banker (UK)

1、Deal of the Year for China
2、Deal of the Year 2007

Finance Asia

3、Deal of the Year
4、Best Equity Deal
5、Best IPO
6、Best Privatization
7、China Deal of the Year


8、Asia-Pacific Equity Issue
9、Asia-Pacific IPO

IFR Asia

10、Equity Deal of the Year

Asia Money

11、Best IPO of the Year
12、China deal of 2006


13、Deal of the Year

The Asset

14、Best deal
15、Best equity deal
16、Best IPO


17、Deal of the Year 2006

Global Finance

18、the Equity Deal of the Year

Asia Legal Business

19、Equity Market Deal of the Year(ICBC IPO)


20、The Most Preferred Hong Kang Listed
Enterprises Awards