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Re-loan Financing of International Financial Institution Loan

I. Introduction
Re-loan financing of international financial institution loan mainly includes the re-loan of World Bank, Asian Development Bank and Japanese Bank of International Cooperation.

II. Business features
The loan is featured by low interest rate and long term and is not limited by countries.
See business features of the foreign government loan.

III. Applicable target
The western development, infrastructure and environmental protection projects that are not wished to be limited by countries.

IV. Operation process
See Operation process of the foreign government loan.

Competitive advantages of ICBC?
(1) ICBC has successfully completed multiple large projects and accumulated rich experience.
(2) The powerful RMB funds strength of ICBC can provide clients with complete set of funds needed by their projects.
(3) ICBC can provide clients with swap arrangement aiming at avoiding foreign exchange risk of the domestic project units.

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