Biography of Mr. Gu Shu

Mr. Gu has served as Vice Chairman and Executive Director of the Bank since December 2016, and President since October 2016. He joined ICBC in 1998, where he served as Deputy General Manager of Accounting and Settlement Department, Deputy General Manager of the Planning and Finance Department, and General Manager of Finance and Accounting Department. Since July 2008, he had served as Board Secretary and General Manager of Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations Department of the Bank, Head of Shandong Branch and Senior Executive Vice President of the Bank. He served concurrently as Vice Chairman of Standard Bank Group Limited, Chairman of ICBC (London) PLC and Chairman of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Argentina) S.A. Mr. Gu obtained a Doctorate degree in Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Master’s degree in Economics from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is a senior accountant.